Letters From The Field

Have pen, will travel. Sending letters.

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Contributions as guest author:

“Grönland. Dem Eisschild entgegen” (December 2016) in J. Klaus (ed.), The Travel Episodes (Malik. National Geographic), 139-146.

“A-sitting on a tell (or: Just another day in the field)” (July 2016) for dayofarchaeology.com.

“Die vergessene Stadt. Vogelsang in Brandenburg” (May 2016) for reisedepeschen.de.

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree …” (December 2015) for culturewithtravel.com.

“Grönland, vom Kajak aus. Dem Eisschild entgegen” (July 2015) for reisedepeschen.de.

“The Other Arctic Circle Cruise” (February 2015) for bucketlistpublications.org.

“Gastfreundschaft und Gastlichkeit unterwegs” (December 2014) for funkloch.me.

Nominations & Awards:

Finalist for “Adventurer of the year” award 2015 by Outdoor Magazin.

Silver in “Top 100 TRAVEL BLOGS 2015” (category: “Outdoor”) by bobaroundtheworld.com.

Finalist for “Outdoor Blogger Awards 2015 (Travel)” by simplyhike.co.uk.

2nd place in “Travel Photography Competition” – Week 108 (2014) by hitchhikershandbook.com.


“Archaeologist Jens Notroff is Living in His Golden Age of Travel” (April 2017) on Joe Baur: Without a Path.

“Göbekli Tepe: In the Eyes of the Excavation Team” (January 2017) on Bizarre Journeys.

“Moment Catchers Project: Sharing our sketches” (January 2017) on The Great Affair.

“Adventure in Greenland” (December 2016) in Lufthansa magazin.

“Traveling Chimps Podcast. Episode 15: Jens Notroff – Gobekli Tepe” (September 2016) on  Traveling Chimps.

“Ten great archaeological books: Jens Notroff” (September 2016) on Desert Island Archaeologies.

“5×5 Lieblingsblogger zu: Island” (Juli 2016) on travellus.de.

“Sketches from the Field: Interview with Archeologist Jens Notroff” (September 2015) in Hayo Magazine.

“Postcard From … Greenland” (July 2015) on emilyluxton.co.uk.

“Featured Blogger” (May 2015) on chouett.com.

“‘I hunt for objects made by men’ – An archaeologist’s day in the field” (May 2015) on WordPress.com Freshly Pressed.

“Traveler Q&A” (May 2015) on thisisnotaguidebook.com.

“Hilarious Questions That Travellers Are Always Asking Themselves…” (March 2015) on straightondetour.com.

“‘Indiana Jones’ on tour – with Hahnemühle Travel Booklets” (March 2015) on hahnemuehle.com.

“8 Great Travel Bloggers Share Their Travel Advice” (February 2015) on nicoletteorlemans.com.

“Catch the moment” (July 2014) on stadtbude.com.

“People and Places: Winter camp on Ben Nevis” in Scotland Outdoors 24 (April 2014).

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